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Due to some needed correction, I have redone the test and made sure that they both came from the same servers (thanks, Billy!).
Google Chrome

Eh...they have their trade-offs, it looks like. 

My guess would be that given that we were on a Microsoft network in Atlanta, that something was configured specifically for the browser, IE9.  Still, "kudos" to Microsoft for making their browser a great deal better over time. 

I still maintain that Bing makes for an awful verb. 
Professional Tip of the Day: Now go Bing yourself.


05/23/2011 19:20

Hello again. :)

I think the reason you're seeing no difference between the two browsers is that does not use the browser's IP stack -- it uses the one built into Flash Player. You're really benchmarking Flash here ... and possibly a small part of the plugin models available in Chrome and Internet Explorer. To be honest, I'm surprised that Chrome doesn't have poorer results here because it runs Flash inside of a sandboxed process separate from the process used to render the web page, which means Flash is going to incur IPC overhead for the drawing, but it seems they've eliminated that overhead mostly.

Anyway, have a nice day!


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