Thoughts of an Angel
I am in Texas again.   Here are the results:
Google Chrome


'Nuff said.

As for location, I am currently in Arlington, the sweaty and slow armpit of internet connectivity.  I only have to sit on a different side of a couch before my phone begins roaming.  And well, the router was $15 at a garage sale...and it's AT&T service (can someone say *blegh!*?).

I also noticed that IE9 had to draw from a different server, which I find interesting. 

Anyhow, g'day!


05/22/2011 21:02

Hmm... I think those numbers are effectively the same. It's a three percent difference ->,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=65d2260741c8e199&biw=1900&bih=1099 -- well within experimental error, particularly noting that IE and Chrome used different servers.


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