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I have owned what is known as the "most advanced Android phone on the market" for nearly a year now.  For 10 months, I've loved it.  What's not to love about the HTC Evo 4G?  The "4G coverage" is a rip-off to be sure (My videos play better.  That's literally the only difference I've seen), but how often do you buy two digital cameras, a GPS unit, web browser, gaming system (albeit primitive), radio, social networking station, and finally a phone all in one device for less than $500?  Thought so.  You can tell how easily amused I am by the joy I expressed as the phone proceeded to download all of my friend's contact information from Facebook (I mean really, how cool is that?!) so I didn't have so much data to transfer over to my new phone.  People complain about the battery life on it.  I will grant that the battery life is terrible.  I am lucky if I do not have to charge it more than once a day.  And it takes several hours to fully charge (a few hours when it's turned off).  Still, this is actually pretty standard for most smartphones.  You can see comparisons for most smartphones on the market here: Smartphone Battery Life Comparison.

After the 10th month of what seemed to be the ultimate Android honeymoon, my phone decides it's not going to accept a charge anymore regardless of where I plugged it in or how.  I have since swapped for a brand new phone, changed out batteries four times, and am in the process of ordering a new one.  I have been late numerous times now due to this stupid thing.  Sprint has a wobbly stance on the phone.  They prize it as one of their best-selling and their best phone available.  The forums say otherwise.  Even a couple of Sprint techs say otherwise.  It is, nonetheless, a known glitch in the phone that if you let it die or even let it get past 15%, it refuses the charge.  There never was any physical damage to it, so they couldn't very well charge me $100.  I'm now expecting my third HTC Evo in the mail as they will not give me a different type of phone (even knowing the phone is glitched).  Let's hope for the best on this one!

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