Thoughts of an Angel
My apologies for the late resuming of blog-posting.  Let's see what's new..I am graduated from UNT now and I have a job with a company called CoreLogic, and IS service company for banks and mortgage companies (primarily).  There, I am on the valuations support help desk team where I get to talk to appraisers who are having issues with their appraisal software.  I am also being cross-trained in disaster recovery, which is a field I am beginning to find fascinating now that I'm seeing the process that other sites of the company are going through on the east coast as a result of Irene.  I am also in classes for my CCNA certification, so I will look to have that by next Spring.

I have more to talk about, but I must be up for work in the morning.  Now that I am an "IT Professional," I will probably have more to say pretty shortly.  For now, stay classy, my fellow/fellowette IT people!